Sonntag, 11. März 2012

Look 01 ^^

Maybee I am not so good in Spinning Storys, or maybee I simple like my Look today .... was at the Ibu Yifu Sim, and couldnt resist to take a Shoot in Front of the Skyline ...  anyway, here it is:

Skin League - Sia Medium
Eyes Black Hole Sun (not released)
Eye Shadow Dead Apples - Glam Bleu Ciel
Eye Lashes Emas Secret - Snuggle
Hair Action - Trudy Fog
Dress & Earrings Ricielli - Valentine Set 2 / Bandage
Bracelets & Necklace Ganked - Adrift
Pearl Choker - Minced Jewells
Cross Necklace - Primalot
Nose Piercing - Yak & Yeti
Boots - Black Hole Sun - BHS Overknee Mesh Boots Classic Black Leather



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